Who are we?

Future500 B.V.

Advanced web solutions

In a nutshell, we provide advanced web-solutions using (mostly) PHP…

We have the ambition to let every customer be an excellent reference for the next.
Yes, we hope that means you!

Ramon de la Fuente
Pointy haired boss
I am a programmer with a strong database background. With 18+ years of experience in web development, I've seen technologies come and go - but robust design is always a must. I enjoy the puzzle of a piece of code, and the fact that there's always more solutions to be found for a problem.
I'm also a public speaker at PHP conferences, and co-founder of the SweetlakePHP user group.
Elena de la Fuente
Paper Pusher Extraordinaire
I have been with Future500 since the beginning, taking care of everything non-code. I do this part-time, because it would drive me insane to be in the office 5 days a week. Especially since I'm also married to Ramon. I can't escape him at home.
My tasks include the bookkeeping, invoicing, contract management and keeping the developers focussed on coding (by denying their requests for days off).
Mitchel Verschoof
Software Developer
I came to Future500 straight out of school, three years ago. Back then, I was quite cocky about my abilities but I've grown more humble with every new thing I learn. My passion lies on backend application developement and API design.
I also work on opensource projects (if I can find the time), and I'm co-founder of the SweetlakePHP user group. I'm responsible for building and maintaining the website.
Baloo de la Fuente
Ball chaser
I'm the office dog. I bark loudly at the doorbell, then greet whoever actually comes in. Other than that, I mostly sleep and eat tennis balls.
Mark Meijerman
Software Developer
During my study, I have always been programming in php as a hobby. After finishing my master in transport and logistics, I decided to turn this hobby into my job. I started a php traineeship at Leaseweb where I learned a lot!
After working at Leaseweb for almost a year, I decided to start looking for a job closer to my home, which brought me to Future500. I love to do challenging backend application development.
In my free time, I am a gymnastics coach, and do some programming to improve the automation in the world of gymnastics where this is possible.
Michiel Papenhove
Software Developer
Developer and musician. I started programming at the age of seven and have been ever since. Somewhere in the 90s of the previous century, the internet came to be and immediately stole my heart. I've run some companies that were active in the internet development sphere but found out that managing and being in charge aren't things I'm really good at, so in 2011 I went back to being a developer. In 2019 I joined Future500 after stumbling upon a vacancy that felt like it was written for me. Besides creating code, I'm also very much into making music. Next to being able to play some instruments like piano, guitar, bass and drums, I also enjoy song writing, arranging and producing.
This could be you!
There is an empty desk, waiting for an occupant! Much code needs to be written, much tests need to be run, much fun needs to be had. Also, the coffee machine is lonely.